It’s only right since I did the “She get it from her mama” edition.

Daddies need love too.

1. Michael and James Jordan Sr.

2. Nas and Olu Dara

3. Idris Elba and Winston Elba

4. Blair and Frank  Underwood, Sr.

5. Dwayne Wade and Dwayne Wade Sr.

6.Ludacris and Wayne Bridges

7. Kanye and Ray West

8. Big Sean and his dad

(sorry I can’t find his name anywhere)

9. Drake and Dennis Graham

10. Will & Jaden Smith



older people are just so generally rude about millennials, and it’s like, okay, ignoring for the time the fact that your parents said the same thing about you being self-involved and lazy etc. etc., have you forgotten that a lot of us can scarcely remember life before 9/11? we’ve grown up in this weird altered existence where a police state and terrible recessions and rampant dying capitalism are facts of life, but more than that:

they’re your facts of life, baby boomers. you made the world that made the millennials, we just had the misfortune to have grow up to hear your self-righteous soothsaying.

so fuck right off.

wow i totally forgot how angry i was about this at 5:20 this morning


Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic Scent from shio-tan-lita


I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor

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id watch

Maybe I should start watching the wnba again

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This was the moment I knew I was wrong about hating on this movie and became a fan. :)

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One of my dogs does this! So cute!


One of my dogs does this! So cute!

Cathedral of Learning


Guys. GUYS. This is the most important thing I have seen all day. I’m a Pitt grad student, formerly a Pitt undergrad, and the Cathedral of Learning is very close to my heart (with a nickname like “the phallic learning rocket,” how can you not love it?). I’d love to see this happen. GO GO GO VOTE VOTE VOTE.




MCALC the first Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator.

Mcalc started off as an idea to create a menstruation calculator app that could be used by anyone regardless of their gender, this way our app keeps the trans* and genderqueer community in mind so they can enjoy the features without being constantly misgendered (as with other apps).

Our new app is still in BETA so we appreciate any feedback you can give us at, we try to solve as many bugs as possible in as little time as we can so please, let us know if anything is not working properly.

What is Mcalc?

Mcalc is a new menstruation calculator app, it tracks your period and keeps you updated on your current status and any upcoming important events of your menstrual cycle

How does it work?

Simple! just provide the app with some basic information about you and your cycle, Mcalc will calculate the rest, taking your personal context into consideration. Afterwards you can set alarms and even log relevant events.

What features does it have?

-Neutrality Guaranteed: We understand that sex and gender identity are not the same, because of this, we designed our app so it can be used by almost everyone. Mcalc is 100% gender neutral and it won’t assume anything from you while using it.

-Notifications: Mcalc will keep you updated on the important dates of your menstrual cycle, it’s built in alarm system will allow you to set notifications you care about.

-Adaptation: We all have different needs, and Mcalc can suit them accordingly, it will only display the information relevant to your purposes and won’t nag you with irrelevant data. Using Mcalc on “sex mode” will help you reduce your risks of getting pregnant when having sex for fun, while setting it on “baby mode” will help you increase your chances of getting pregnant when planning one.

-Tracking: Mcalc lets you keep a log of your activity for later reference, it’s as simple as tapping a date in our calendar and tick the events that happened that day to save them for further reference.

-Information: Discover new things about menstrual cycles by using Mcalc’s informative pages.

You can learn more about mcalc by visiting our website:

Or you can go to the app store and download it here:



Guys we worked like hell to get this to be a thing, we are just a bunch of 20 something year old nerdy gay guys who want to do something cool for the LGBT community tech-wise, so please even if you are not gonna download it at least reblog it, we don’t have any investors on this so we rely on mere tumblr and social media support.

Please share! all the earnings will go to fund new sexpedia articles and pay our collaborators in this project.



Grown Up Hipsters of Our Childhood Cartoons
Arthur; Ed, Edd, n Eddy; Calvin and Hobbes; Dexter’s Laboratory (that one is kickin’ ass); Hey, Arnold; Magic School Bus; Kids Next Door; Rocket Power; Rugrats; Powerpuff Girls

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Part of the reason I love The Lion King broadway version so much is just..


more like Mmmmmmmmufasa


Smash it Simba!



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